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Fall 2022
15 weeks

Designing an informational poster on climate change and healthy eating.

Fighting climate change at an individual level can seem like an endeavor that is challenging to implement in our daily routines, however, there is a solution to shift our food consumption which can both benefit personal and planetary health: Planet-based diets. Food as a vital resource for human health and survival, is also at the same time, the single strongest lever to optimize environmental sustainability on Earth.

This informational poster presents the environmental impacts caused by food production and how to approach a planetary diet with proposed food category portions from the EAT-Lancet report. 

Full Process

Graphic Design 
Infographic Design

Design System

Creating a clean visual language for a complex collection of data

To tell a story that is complex in nature with different levels of data (text, imagery, infographic), the design system gives a simple visual language that will not distract from the information presented. The typography is legible and the illustrations are drawn with black outlines which clearly indicate the ingredients of each meal. The color system is rationalized by categorizing similar items and making them co-exist within different sections of the poster.


The design process of presenting a rigorous amount of information requires precision in layout and a balanced distribution of texts, graphs, and imagery. Starting with establishing the design language for the main focal point of the poster, the example meals with the center piechart, I was able to iterate on how the rest of the poster finishes the story with visual consistency that maintains the viewer’s interest. The challenge of the process was to construct a contrasted yet cohesive color palette that can be utilized in different sections of the poster to make sense of the color system. I gained experience in color testing for a specific printer and creating iterations based on test results. If I have more time with the project, I would expand the example planetary plates from more regions of the world to create representation for a diverse audience.