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Interning at a global creative consultancy driving growth through brand and innovation.

During my 6 month internship at Lippincott, I worked as a key member of the design team. I contributed to diverse projects on logo design, brand visual system development, airport wayfinding, and motion storyboard creation. My role involved conceptualizing and crafting designs that significantly contributed to client presentations.

Graphic Design
Logo Design
UI Design
Motion Design

Sompo International

Brand Visual System Update

Modernizing the visual language for a global insurance company

Sompo is a leading global specialty provider of property and casualty insurance and reinsurance. Tasked with refreshing their design system, our team aimed to align the brand's visuals with a new strategic direction while enhancing digital adaptability and ease of execution.

I led a direction during the initial design concept generation, and contributed to extending the visual toolkit through various applications.

Design System

Delivering Ease through Expertise

Our strategy team formulated a new brand purpose—The Ease of Expertise: We apply all of our experience to simplify yours. This directive inspired a visual language characterized by intuition, seamlessness, and skillfulness.

Design Applications

Applying the new system across visual touchpoints

The resulting visual system exudes sophistication and minimalism, conveying a sense of ease. Each application showcased the system's adaptability and coherence, ensuring consistency across diverse communication channels.

The clients embraced the modernized design system, appreciating its ability to convey a compelling narrative while maintaining brand integrity.


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