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8 months

Building a brand for Pittsburgh’s largest fashion show

Born in 1996, Lunar Gala is an annual fashion show that showcases brilliant artistry in design, modeling, production, and dance performance. The theme for 2022, The Eternal Garden, celebrates our inner youth.

As a core member of the branding team, I contributed by exploring visual directions and creating both print and digital deliverables for various visual touchpoints surrounding the event.

Graphic Design
Print Design
Motion Graphics

Ricky Chen
Jacky Lococo
Maggie Ma
Francis Park
Elysha Tsai
Ethan Yang

The Eternal Garden Identity

Rediscovering the Inner Child Within

The Eternal Garden is a journey back to the garden within each of us. Here, we tend to the flowers, dance across the grass, and feel the warmth of youth upon our skin. In this mysterious yet familiar world, we rediscover our inner child...

Inspired by the whimsicality of youth, our visual system for The Eternal Garden uses a vibrant palette and quirky flower illustrations to evoke a sense of wonder and discovery. These lively elements are balanced with elegant patterns and refined typography, blending joy with sophistication.

We designed three tiers of illustrations to create versatile hierarchies with both type and image.

Design Output

Before the show, we promoted the event through various digital touchpoints 

We used digital platforms as our main promotional strategy, leveraging social media and a branded website to spread awareness among the student body and the Pittsburgh community.

Our team developed a 5-week show reveal strategy on Instagram to build excitement for the event. We utilized different tiers of illustrations to highlight various aspects and purposes leading up to the show.

We created a teaser video that brings the garden to life. Guided by a dragonfly, the garden unfolds with gentle, swaying motions, revealing the diverse flowers of the Eternal Garden.

Our website incorporates illustrated assets and motion as key brand elements. It provides additional information, including details about the lines featured in the show and profiles of the people behind the scenes.

Design Output

During the show, we produced print materials and merchandise for attendees to engage with.