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6 months

Creating the Identity of CMU Design School’s Student Exhibition

Oraganized Chaos showcases the CMU Design Class of 2023’s collective yet individual creative journeys. The month-long final exhibition is a culmination of diverse blueprints, endless iterations, and countless haphazard all-nighters. Our class worked together to plan, design, and curate the senior showcase that best represents our four years of student work.

I was part of the brand team, contributing to the visual identity by producing print and digital collateral and conceptualizing spatial experiences.

Graphic Design
Spacial Design 
Print Design
Motion Graphics

Hayoon Choi
Chris Han
Sammie Kim
Dorothy Li
Grace Li
Chelsea Liu
Jenny Liu
Maggie Ma
Francis Park
Stefanie Suk
Elysha Tsai
Sarah Xi

The Organized Chaos Identity

Packaged, zipped up, and ready for viewing

Organized chaos celebrates our collective (hectic) design journey throughout our years at CMU. Inspired by file organization systems, the visual identity incorporates elements of digital folders, tabs, and layered structures to symbolize the meticulous yet dynamic process of design.

More coming soon!!