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Single Slice Toaster

Spring 2020


to design a toaster that expresses its interaction, purpose and functionality through its formal language and features.


this project was achieved through sketching ideas, 3D modeling with SolidWorks, and rendering in Keyshot.

Time Frame:

2 weeks

01. Initial research

To begin, I learned about the history of the toaster and how a conventional toaster works. It was interesting to learn about the toaster from the inside out, allowing me to make rational decisions in the later process of designing.


02. Form Exploration

I first explored various interactions between the toaster and the bread, and decided on to create a toaster that is safe to users who feels fear by the toaster's heat and electricity.

I decided to design a toaster that eliminates the need of contacting the bread after it is being toasted.

Final direction

The Toaster would rest in a slanted posture, in which the toasting part rotates downward to a plate after the bread is done toasting. After deciding the direction, I enhanced the form considering the semantics and visual consistency's relationship with the interaction of the toaster. 

• Sides will be flushed, making the form complete in its default state

• Slanted opening invites bread to be inserted

• Curve on the tray informs placement of a plate to receive the bread

• Controls and timer visually connects with the overall language of form