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The Spatula

Spring 2020 - 3 weeks

Visual balance VS. Usability

to design a spatula form with complex transitional surfaces that can elicit hand interaction. The main challenge of this project was to figure out the visual balance of the flowform while defining a comfortable fit that allows a perceived action


Form exploration

My approach was to create a form consisting of a convex/complex curve and a concave/simple curve. The former defines the key features of a spatula while the latter guides the direction of action.


Form refinement

Changes were made to the form to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the spatula:

1. The top left corner directs the motion of the scrapping action.

2. The handle ends inside the palm, creating a sense of safety.

3. The neck lifts spatula from the surface, making it more desirable to pick up



Final spatula

Storyboard of the Spatula's production and usage