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Spring 2021
6 weeks

Creating a brand identity for Vancouver SEGD 2022

Being a group of over 2200 members across 35 countries, SEGD is the global, multidisciplinary community of professionals who plan, design, and build experiences that connect people to place.

I designed the SEGD 2022 conference identity with the presumption of the event being held in Vancouver. With the objective of strengthening the connection of the public space and the people who interacts within it through placemaking, I took the approach of bringing the characters of Vancouver into the identity of the cross-disciplinary event.

Experimental Type
Graphic Design
Signage Design


A Creative Space that is dynamic and constantly evolving in new directions without boundaries.

The logotype draws inspiration from Vancouver’s nature and ocean with the characteristics of free-form and fluidity. The movement is guided by strokes of varying weight, colorful highlights, and a slight slant of the letters.

Logo Animation

Logotype with alternative color and arrangement 

Design System

Color and Supporting Typeface

The main colors consist of a dark blue that resembles the ocean and a contrasted cream color as backdrop. Three supporting colors are chosen as highlights, which inject elements of excitement to the creative event. At the same time, a simple and legible type, is chosen as the supporting typeface to create contrast with the complexity of the logotype.

Communication piece


These posters will act as communication pieces before and at the time of the event. I controlled the amount of information on the posters according to scale. With the street posters, I superimposed close-up sections of my logotype with the imageries of Vancouver to establish direct connection between the city and my design outputs.


Communication piece

Interior Signage

I designed navigational signage that exists in different scales and provides important information regarding to each floor and the surrounding location.

Communication piece


To further enhance the identity of the event, I designed event-specific peripherals such as name cards and merchandise following the established design system.




This project prompted me to carefully examine the place I am designing for and to extract essential characteristics from the place to inform my design decisions. I learned that it is important to balance between introducing transformation and new assets to the design while preserving the uniformity of the whole. All variations and expansions in design need to enhance the Identity of the event.